My First (index 0) Blog Post!

Hey there!

I’ve finally got this up and running… and it’s great! But let’s get into the “Nitty Gritty” first, I’m looking to start our journey of adventure with Project Euler ( which is a fantastic site for practising programming challenges and developing your coding skills. Ill be completing each task every few days, and documenting my thought process through it… maybe you could give me some different thought processes too?

But wait, there’s plenty more alongside that!

I will also be updating this blog with many other mind gobbling and internet adventuring posts too, and here is just a selection of some topics I will cover:

– Computer Science News
– In depth Analysis’ of IDE’s/Languages/Challenges/Computer Theory
– The mathematics behind technology
– Interesting Reads and Articles
– Quirky Ideas
– Discussions of STEM Topics
– And any other content I see fit to place on here!

If you want to help me get a speedy start with this, why not share my site with a few people, even if it is just one mildly interested colleague. It all helps!

Wait out,


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